Probate in Texas

You may be wondering what probate is – probate is a required step in settling a person’s estate (their Will) after they have died and the administration of their assets. During probate, it must be determined if a Will is authentic and is the deceased’s last Will and Testament.

Probate can be an expensive process, especially without a valid Will. Houston-area probate attorney, Allison Mundy, can work with you to ensure that your Will is as straight forward as possible in order to expedite the probate process, saving your loved ones the hassle of drawn out probate proceedings.

Allison can also help with the steps necessary in probate – such as filing the Will in probate court in the county the deceased lived in, such as Harris, Montgomery, Waller or Fort Bend counties.

If you have questions about probate in Texas, or if you are the Executor of a Will, we can help you navigate the entire probate process.