Everyone knows that a divorce can be a stressful and complicated process, but with proper planning and an experienced lawyer, divorce can be a manageable life event. Mundy Legal Services' goal is to make it as pain-free and straightforward as possible.

Texas has a unique set of laws and requirements that must be followed in order to finalize a divorce. There is no legal separation in Texas. You’re either married or divorced. For the divorce to be completed successfully, a Final Decree of Divorce must include:

  1. The reason for divorce. This can be either fault or no-fault grounds;
  2. Division of all community property;
  3. Confirmation of any separate property;
  4. If there are children of the marriage:
    • Child Custody provisions; and
    • Child support including medical and dental insurance for the children.

Divorce can be very expensive. It takes a minimum of 60-days to finalize a divorce. If the parties can agree on the terms of their divorce, it is called an uncontested divorce. Our fee structure includes the court cost to file the divorce, the papers necessary (petition, waiver, and decree), and the court appearance. In most courts, at least one party must appear in front of the judge to finalize the divorce.

For matters that are contested, Mundy Legal Services will require a retainer to cover the costs of litigation. These costs may include court costs, costs of service, court appearances, mediation, discovery and in some rare instances, a trial. Every divorce is different. The more steps required and the bigger the disputes, the more the divorce process will cost.

My goal, as your attorney, is to get the divorce done ethically, timely and with compassion. Here are some helpful Do's and Don'ts when you are thinking about filing for a divorce.

Additionally, here are some helpful links that may be useful during your divorce in Texas.

As always, contact Mundy Legal Services if you have questions about your divorce. We look forward to serving you.